Mutlu Battery introduced many new products such as Start-Stop batteries, AGM and EFB technologies during the Automechanika Riyadh Exhibition organized in Saudi Arabia on 5-7 February 2018.

Mutlu Battery, the leader of the Turkish battery industry, introduced its new technologies to professionals from the industry and participants during the Automechanika Riyadh Exhibition, which is held in Riyadh province of Saudi Arabia and is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions for the automotive industry, spare parts and accessories. Mutlu Battery introduced a wide of range of products from Start-Stop batteries to the ones manufactured with AGM and EFB technologies, from heavy duty-batteries to marine batteries during the exhibition held on 5-7 February 2018.

Start-Stop battery to reduce carbon emissions

Start&Stop batteries manufactured by Mutlu Battery for ensuring fuel economy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are produced in two types which are the EFB (Enhanced Floating Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Mutlu Battery’s EFB batteries possessing concentrated energy, have been designed for use in all vehicles with Start&Stop feature. These batteries floating type batteries just like the standard ones. Thanks to its reinforced internal structure, it has a 2 times longer service life compared to a similar battery in the same capacity. It has particularly a high cycle life as it is designed for use in S & S systems.

The AGM technology is specifically designed for use in advanced Start & Stop vehicles. It’s a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) AGM (absorbed glass mat) type, which is the peak point reached by lead acid battery technology. Thanks to this new technology, there is no free electrolyte in it. It has a gas recombination system thanks to the VRLA feature. It has been developed with maintenance-free feature in standard floating batteries. It has a solid internal structure with positive plates in the casting structure and negative plates in the Con-Cast structure and has higher starting power and life resistance than standard floating batteries. It is the most suitable battery for use in advanced S & S systems.