R&D Center

MUTLU BATTERY has decided to establish a R&D Centre to make our long-term R&D efforts official.  We started to build the R&D Centre in September 2014 and it was certified by the Ministry of Industry on 09.02.2015 and officially started to operate.  Our R&D centre is spread on an area of 1.228 m2 and located within the existing MUTLU BATTERY plant.

MUTLU BATTERY R&D Centre employs forty two full-time engineers and technicians; one of which has an associate professor title while five of them completed master’s degree and twenty-five have undergraduate degrees. Our company supports and encourages the R&D Centre staff to complete their master’s and doctoral studies. Thanks to this incentive, it is aimed at improving the education level of our R&D Centre personnel in the upcoming years. We attach great important to education and to recruit more personnel to our centre.

Objective of our R&D Centre is to be the first company in battery industry to develop the new technologies. Within this scope, fifteen R&D projects are actively carried out. Our projects have been funded by our equity capital so far; however, we plan to add international-sourced projects as well. Our new projects will not be limited to lead acid batteries – our main production line-up – but will include innovative battery technologies including lithium-ion.

Strategy and objective of our R&D centre:

•    Developing new products
•    Improving existing products,
•    Improving product quality,
•    Improving product standards,
•    Implementing innovations to reduce costs,
•    Developing new production technologies
•    Improving R&D culture,
•    Training quality personnel for the department,
•    Establishing in-house, national and international cooperation.