About us

Mutlu Corporation was established in 1945. In its early years -an era characterized as Turkey’s economical development period- the company mainly operated in the import/export field. In 1955, Mutlu started manufacturing batteries. Mutlu Batteries thrived especially after 1983, with the help of its highest level of production quality and the era’s political strategies supporting free market economy, establishing a significantly advantageous position over its competitors, both in the local and global markets. In the local market, as consumer interest in product quality rose, Mutlu’s share increased steadily every year, reaching 40% of the total market. Initial export volume of 2 million dollars also rose continuously and has reached a staggering 60 million dollar figure.

Mutlu Batteries’ newest manufacturing plant is located in Tepeören Tuzla. The plant started production in 1996 –marking the company’s 51st year of operation. This state-of-the-art modern facility was financed primarily with the company’s equity capital and a quarter of it by going public. In 1994 and 1995, the public share of the company was raised to 25%; resulting in a change of status for Mutlu Batteries by making it a public company.

Mutlu Battery is part of Mutlu Incorporated; it is not only the group’s firstly established company, but also its thriving force. Other companies operating under Mutlu Incorporated are Mutlu Plastic Limited and Türker Melting and Refined Industry Limited.

Mutlu batteries are manufactured at the Tepeören facilities. Also at this plant, lead oxides such as red lead and litharge are produced –main raw materials used in crystal glass, paint and ceramics. Mutlu’s recycling center for disposed batteries is located in Kütahya, Gediz.

As a result of dedication to product quality, production capacity and reliable customer service, Mutlu Batteries became the biggest manufacturer in Turkey, Middle East and Eastern Europe. With its 230,000 square meter modern facility, Mutlu Batteries is proud to be a major player in the Turkish industry sector.