Mutlu Battery introduced its new technologies and products at the MIMS Automechanika Moscow Fair held in Russia between 21 and 24 August 2017. Mutlu Battery, who recently signed licensing agreement with Warner Bros. and started using the characters of Justice League, received the “Best Stand” award at the fair for its outstanding design with the superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Women.

Turkey’s leader in the accumulator sector, Mutlu Battery has presented its new products to the industry professionals and participants at the MIMS Automechanika Moscow Fair, which is the one of the most comprehensive fairs for the automotive sector, spare parts and accessories, held in Moscow, Russia.

Mutlu Battery, who as a result of a business partnership with Warner Bros. obtained the licensing rights for using the superheroes of the film Justice League, that will reach the cinemas in November, gathered great interest from the participants with its stand at the fair using the characters Superman, Batman, Wonder Women and The Flash. At the same time the stand received the “Best Stand” award as a result of the rating made by the organizer. Within the scope of the licensing agreement, the superheroes will be used by Mutlu Battery for its communication and marketing activities in Russia under the motto “Heroes Never Run Out of Energy”. This strategic marketing campaign will be placed in printed, visual and digital communications at retailers and authorized service points.

During the exhibition, a wide range of products, from SFB technology, Start-Stop AGM and EFB technology, heavy-duty batteries to Marine batteries were presented to the participants. Mutlu Battery also presented its new launch, Lithium-Ion Battery, during the fair, which is produced for hybrid vehicles in the result of intensive R&D activities.

The Lithium-Ion battery, that gathered high attention, has been developed for hybrid vehicles that are more and more preferred all over the world. The Lithium-Ion batteries, which have a higher energy density than the standard batteries, are capable to store more energy than the standard batteries, despite their lower volume and less weight. Lithium-Ion batteries have a longer life span than lead acid batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries that are used not only in hybrid cars, but also in home energy storage, renewable energy, UPS, telecom and in vehicles of the industrial sector such as forklifts, are considered to be environmentally friendly because it is used in vehicles aiming to reduce carbon emissions.