Traction / CER type batteries

They are high power traction batteries manufactured by using valve-regulated positive plates (PzS). They are used in material lifting and handling, electric vehicles, packaging platforms and elevations, automatic direction vehicles and some special DC action systems.  With their excellent cycle/rotation characteristics and high starting capacity, these batteries are used in forklifts with their general types. They also have different types including those with special non-flammable box lid, for diesel locomotives and rail car lighting.  In line with the customer demand, Air Matic type is also manufactured.

These are lead-acid, high power traction batteries that are long lasting, have in-depth discharge features and are compatible with continuous charging-discharging cycle. They are also designed to have options which facilitate maintenance and charging.

Valve-regulated positive plates (PzS), high quality microporous separators between positive and negative plates which make the battery long-lasting as well as high porosity with low resistance and easy to transmit the electrolyte. These batteries are used as power source in any electric lifting and handling vehicles (Forklift), mobile passenger and load lifting platforms, flame-proof electric mine locomotives in mine pits, railway systems, diesel and electric locomotives as well as rail car lighting in rail systems, in automatic direction vehicles and in systems where charging-discharging cycle is continuous.

They are especially used in all types of specific and general purpose stacking machines operated in closed spaces where the environment factor is very important. In line with the customer demand, Air Matic type is also manufactured. Charging factor is reduced by blowing air in certain levels into the battery and ensuring electrolysis, thus saving energy and time.

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  • High starting capacity.
  • Easy to maintain and charge.
  • Can be used as a power supply.
  • High energy and time saving.