MUTLU Battery Received an Award From Tofaş

Mutlu Battery, the leader of in battery manufacturing in Turkey, won the “Supply Chain Performance Award” in the Supplier Information Exchange Meeting organized by Tofaş every year.

The ‘Supplier Information Exchange Meeting’, organized by Tofaş every year and participated by the managers of invited companies, took place in Bursa on March 22. In the meeting, having the theme ‘We Grow Together’, Mutlu Battery received the ‘Supply Chain Performance Award’ by Tofaş for its performance on spare parts.

CEO Göksel Paker and Sales & Business Development Director Çağrı Savaşan participated the meeting, representing Mutlu Battery.

CEO of Tofaş Cengiz Eroldu, FCA Group Head of Purchasing Scott Garberding and Tofaş Purchasing Director Yüksel Öztürk presented the award, accepted by CEO Göksel Paker on behalf of Mutlu Battery family.

Offering solutions to meet Tofaş’s expectations of excellence in supply, logistics and services as well as manufacturing, CEO Göksel Paker indicated Mutlu Bettery’s strategic business partnership with Tofaş. He said, “Being awarded for our services and product performance we offer for Tofaş, as well as all other OEM business partners, is the token of our committed work and ability to act in the direction of mutual objectives. As the theme of this meeting highlights, Tofaş is growing with its suppliers and as a successful supplier, we wish to work with Tofaş and provide products and services while maintaining the same level of performance for many years to come.”


MUTLU Battery’s Adana & Mersin Dealers Met at Ukraine

MUTLU AKÜ welcomed its 180 distributors in the city of Lviv of Ukraine along with its Adana and Mersin Main Distributor Isoz AKÜ with three different events organized on July 23 to 26, July 30 to August 2 and August 6 to 9.

In the events attended by Mutlu AKÜ plant managers and Isoz AKÜ managers, the bestselling batteries in Turkey, Mutlu Number One concept was demonstrated successfully.

MUTLU AKÜ Distributor Sales Director Hakan OKUR, Distributor Sales Manager Bulent SEN, Advertisement and Public Relations Cheif Canan HATUNOGLU, Trainings Manager Serife ZEYBEK, Regional Manager Goktan GUNER, Regional Official Hakan DOKUR, Loans and Business Analysis Cheif Birol ERILMEZ attended the meetings and Mutlu AKÜ Regional distributors Ahmet OZER and Seminur OLCAYCAN hosted the event.

In the presentations delivered by Plant Managers Hakan OKUR, Bulent SEN and Canan HATUNOGLU, it was underlined that they had achieved a successful graph for the first half of 2015 and they believe that they will accomplish their targets with team work by the end of the year. In addition, information on new products, sector analysis, campaigns and new investments was delivered to distributors. In the meetings where participants exchanged opinions on the situation of the market, detailed information on advertisement studies for Mutlu AKÜ Start Stop Products.

At the end of speeches delivered by Regional Distributors Ahmet OZER and Seminur OLCAYCAN, they thanked to all distributors for their participation.

Enjoying the opportunity to visit historical and natural beauties of the city of Lviv for 4 days, MUTLU AKÜ distributors gathered at a Gala Event.


MUTLU Battery’s Istanbul Dealers Met At Boshphorus

MUTLU AKÜ, met with Asian Side distributor group of 240 people on July 27 with its traditional Bosphorus tour organization and European Side distributor group of 250 people on July 28.

In these organizations attended by Mutlu AKÜ managers, Sales and Marketing Director Cagri SAVASAN, Distributors Sales Director Hakan OKUR, Distributors Sales Manager Bulent SEN, Trainings Manager Serife ZEYBEK, Advertisement and Public Relations Cheif Canan HATUNOGLU, Regional Managers Hurhan SERT and Yakup KAYMAZ and regional officials attended, distributors and sub-distributors were contacted one on one. The event that hosted large groups of participants started with a cocktail before the Bosphorus landscape. The event continued with dinner and a successful performance by a music band and a dance show continued throughout the event.

At the end of the night, some gifts were presented to our distributors with a draw among our distributors that participated in the event.

While enjoying the pleasure of coming together with distributors operating in Istanbul, MUTLU AKÜ also set a beautiful example of hospitality.


MUTLU Battery At Lagos Motor Fair!

Mutlu Battery came together with sector professionals of Africa Region at the 11th International Motor Show & Automotive Side Industry, Spare Parts, Accessories and Service Equipment Expo from May 1 to May4, held in Lagos, Nigeria

Mutlu Battery, leader in the accumulator sector of Turkey, took place at the 11th International Motor Show & Automotive Side Industry, Spare Parts, Accessories and Service Equipment Expo held on 1 – 4 May, in Lagos, Nigeria. Visiting the Mutlu Battery stand, guests were informed about a wide range of products from standard automotive accumulators to start & stop AGM accumulators and from start & stop EFB accumulators to heavy service and marine accumulators.

Organized 11th time this year from May 1 through May 4, the expo is an important platform for introducing the investment potential in Africa Region to the participants.


Jingle Oscar of the Year: Mutlu Battery

Ballots have been completed at the 1st Oydar Radio Oscars organized by the National Radio Platform, OYDAR.

At the competition where the best Turkish radios are elected, awards were handed out in 18 categories at Radio Oscars after ballots on Facebook were completed.

at the ceremony held in Cemal Resit Rey on May 4, MUTLU BATTERY was awarded the Jingle of the Year with its Jingle named Number 1, composed by Ulug Aydeniz, performed by Hayko Cepkin. Meeting its radio audiences through different voices and versions, Number 1 MUTLU BATTERY jingle was crowned with ballots.

OEM and Marketing Director Cagri SAVASAN, Marketing and Advertisement Cheif Canan HATUNOGLU and Graphic Design Responsible Seher CUBUKCU participated in the Radio Oscars award ceremony on behalf of MUTLU BATTERY.

The Jingle of the Year and supporter awards were presented to Canan HATUNOGLU and Ulug AYDENIZ on behalf of MUTLU BATTERY. All audience and participants and OYDAR officials were recognized for their support.


Mutlu Battery is in Win Fair

Organized every year, Win Eurasia Materials Handling, the meeting point of its sector received full marks from its visitors.

Having proved itself as the leader of Turkey’s battery sector and a strong brand at international markets, MUTLU BATTERY has been proud of its successful works since 1945.

Turkey’s Number 1, MUTLU BATTERY welcomed its visitors at Tuyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center on March 19 to 22.

Supplying industrial batteries for important companies in the sector, MUTLU BATTERY took its position in the exhibit with its wide range of products. Detailed information concerning products, service stations and services by company officials to visitors of MUTLU BATTERY stand that was quite popular.

Supplying products for many companies with industrial battery needs especially for their telecommunications, ups, health, safety, forklifts, cleaning machines, vehicles for the disabled, defense industry, solar systems, dams, hydroelectric power plants, thermal plants, glass industry, and space ports.


Unchanged for 47 years of ISO 500 List: Mutlu Battery

MUTLU BATTERY continues to be a source of pride with its accomplishments since 1945, its quality, its investments in technology and its capacity of employment.

MUTLU BATTERY continues to be a source of pride with its accomplishments since 1945, its quality, its investments in technology and its capacity of employment.  According to the ISO 500 Big Industrial Institutions research, Mutlu BATTERY secured its place among Turkey’s 500 Biggest Industrial Institutions in 2014.

With its 7000 sales points across Turkey, giving the biggest priority to customer satisfaction, MUTLU BATTERY continues to be the Number 1 battery brand. Mutlu BATTERY accomplished this by the quality and performance of our products, by the confidence we created among customers and therefore customer loyalty. MUTLU BATTERY has been proud and happy to appear in this list for 47 years, ever since the day the first list was published.