Product Technology

One of the latest technologies in lead-acid batteries includes VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. As there is no free fluid inside the battery and almost all the generated gas remain inside the battery due to reaction, in addition to its usage benefits, it is regarded as an environmental-friendly battery. It is publicly named as the “dry battery”.

Due to its different electrolyte fixation method inside the battery, the VRLA technology breaks down into two groups: AGM and Gel.

MUTLU BATTERY started to manufacture VRLA batteries using the AGM technology in 2006 which are now opted by countless users so far.  AGM batteries have projected in automotive and military industry as of 2012 and their usage is expanded.

Gel type VRLA batteries on the other hand are one of the new type batteries dedicated to specific areas.

MUTLU AGM batteries have met standard demands of the car makers having the ultimate challenge in international vehicle production and now it is ready to expand its line of business to new cars.

In addition to the investments made to ensure continuous supply of AGM batteries to our automotive customers, new technological investments have started to boost the production volume, automation and quality.

Through its higher power, endurance and liquid impermeability, AGM batteries are especially suitable for vehicles equipped with advanced technical specifications.