Mutlu Battery exhibited its new and the sector’s state of the art technology at the Equip Auto Exhibition in France. The lithium-ion batteries, which were developed as a result of intensive R&D works, gained high interest at the exhibition.

Mutlu Battery took part in the Equip Auto exhibition which was held in Paris, France between October 17th and 21st. Mutlu Battery brought together his wide range of products, from SFB technology, Start-Stop AGM and EFB technology, heavy-duty batteries up to marine batteries with industry professionals and visitors at his stand.

The lithium-ion battery for electrical vehicles developed in the R&D Centre in the Tuzla production facilities by Mutlu Battery, which are preferred more and more in the recent days, attracted great interest. The energy density of the lithium-ion batteries, developed by Mutlu Battery, are higher in comparison to standard batteries, therefore despite lower volume and less weight they can store more energy than standard batteries. Lithium-ion batteries also have a longer life span compared to lead acid batteries.

Used not only in hybrid cars, but also for home energy storage, renewable energy, UPS, Telecom and vehicles in the industrial sector, such as forklift, the lithium-ion batteries are considered as environmentally friendly as they are used in vehicles that aim to reduce carbon emissions.